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Established in 1989, formally known as AML Industries, Aspect has a long established history within the Brisbane market, and was formerly part of the Property Vision group of companies.

Priding ourselves on delivering unique and innovative properties, passion for building has become a recurring theme throughout all of Aspect's projects.

Over the many years, Allan Larkin and his team have become highly regarded within development circles in Queensland, receiving premier recognition for many previous projects.

Aspect’s commitment to their staff is a point of difference from other development companies, ensuring the same team of people on all projects to ensure consistency in design, quality and ongoing product development.


Aspect’s commitment to delivering extraordinary and innovative properties is also inherent in those who work closely with us. Making a point of directly employing many of our tradesmen ensures quality of workmanship and consistency between projects, furthermore allowing higher levels of ownership between trades.

Allan Larkin, Founder and Company Director

Allan has over 30 years of experience in the construction and development industries. He has a hands-on approach with every property and is committed to providing on the job training for his specialized team of Site Managers, Tradespeople and Apprentices. Allan is dedicated to delivering quality projects of innovative design, exceptional location and quality of build - the result is  a portfolio of award winning developments that will stand the test of time.

Barbara Lockyer, Administration Manager

Barbara brings a multitude of skills to the group, including accounts, office & IT management. Juggling both the Construction and Development management roles, Barbara’s efficiencies in management ensures the Aspect team is a close nit, cohesive group.

Never to shy from any challenges, the growth of the Aspect Group over the past 10 years is very attributable to Barbara’s exceptional management skills.

Brenden Ewings, Site Manager

Brenden has been involved with the group for 18 years, and also being a registered builder, is an excellent example of one of the finest tradesmen around. Brenden has nurtured those early trade skills into an exceptional construction management style, ensuring every facet of the project is delivered to the highest of standards.

Site Staff

Differing to most development and construction companies today, Aspect directly employs many of its tradesmen, including painters, carpenters, plasterers, plumbers and apprentices.  We find this ensures quality of build, and improves the timely, consistent delivery of all projects.  Aspect is very proud of each and every employee, and looks to see them grow in trade and life skills in the future.


Whilst many in the construction industry complain of skills shortages, Aspect ensures the ongoing viability of the industry by providing unequalled quality training of directly indentured apprentices. Our tradespeople of the future are grounded in all facets of construction, and gain the highest of standards by the time they complete their apprenticeships.

Ongoing Training

In addition to our apprenticeship program, continual up-skilling of our workforce is an ongoing activity, with programs in plant operation, safety & construction skills, ensuring a multi-skilled, vibrant workforce for the future.

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